Online Booking and why its important for a modern beauty salon

Why is online booking for a beauty salon so important.

At Essential Beauty the last few years have seen us go from strength to strength. As we got busy and time became more precious we had to find a way of booking appointments that made ours and our client’s lives more straight forward. Having an online booking system means client’s can book at convenient times to them not just when the salon is open,but also that our work/home life balance is a bit better no more having to divert telephone lines to a mobile so you don’t miss an important booking.

Over the last two years we have tried a few systems both software based and web-based, most of which we out grew quickly and finding the right online booking facility has been a very steep learning curve. We have experienced double bookings, systems just loosing appointments and loosing employees (which is never good). Finally we found Ovatu and how our lives have changed.

Ovatu not only gives us a web-based real-time booking facility it also allows our customers to book online very easily. As it is a real-time system we never get double booked and its never lost an appointment or an employee yet!!! It also allows us to customise which appointments a client can book online and gives us greater control over the system. I have to say we love it.

Also having a sleek easy to use format made it an obvious choice for us.

Too book an appointment simply click the link and select the treatment you require and follow the steps to complete your booking.

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